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April 17th -18th 2015

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Double Tree Hotel at Newark Airport, New Jersey

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By no means can any acceptable ideas for the future be manifested by the person who is not willing to take the chance and live fully in the now.”

- Lucille P. Farrell-Scott

I live by this statement and started this conference to share the fact that the totality of life is wrapped up in how you appreciate and use your Now Power. I invite everyone to take a journey which was designed while thinking  of people eager to put into practice strategies  to enhance their lives.  In short you will learn how to apply techniques and concepts that assist in moving you out of old behavior patterns that keeps you in crises mode.  Our experts will share the importance of expanding your  knowledge and applying them in your everyday life.

  You may ask several questions

before going further….

  • Is this Power of Now Conference for me?
  • Why do I need to attend this Power of Now Conference?
  • What is my benefit if I attend this Power of Now Conference?

The answers are enlightening

This Conference is for you IF you see yourself as …

desirous of spreading your circle of influence.

Finally the main benefit in attending this conference is learning the varied Leadership Techniques and their applications to living

That is living in your Now with Power!

Research shows that a great part of our discomfort comes from not acting and taking advantage of opportunities that present themselves in the NOW.

Many of our actions are dictated by short-term inclinations or feelings.

Now is the moment to free yourself

from limiting oppressive thoughts

and learn to manage

leadership communications

on an ADVANCED level

The Power of Now Conference is designed to
challenge and … Awaken The Leader In You,
Putting you on the road to superior leadership.

It encourages you to
stand in your power,
be your authentic self,
and live in your Now.

This conference is Life Changing
You belong here…

Now is all you have…This is your moment…This is your time…

Discover How To…

  • Live your life to the fullest
  • Offer and accept constructive suggestions
  • Let go of negative feelings and influences
  • Accept all of your history as a tapestry of your life

Are YOU ready to…Touch, move and inspire

Everyone you come into contact with in life?

If so, it’s TIME for the Power of Now…

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