Dr. Lucille Farrell Scott, Conference Founder

Best-selling author, Dr. Lucille Farrell-Scott is committed to empowering men and women with purpose, passion, power, peace, and prosperity. Dr. Lucille advances the message of transformation...

Kevin Kitrell Ross, Author, Pastor and Motivational Speaker

For over 20 years Kevin Kitrell Ross has been on a mission to inspire and empower everyday people to live extraordinary dreams. Whether its with his work as a celebrated life coach, radio show...

Sylvia High, Motivational Coach

Sylvia High, Founder and CEO of Aiming High Inc., is an Author, Master Coach, and Training and Development Strategist with more than 20 years of success, delivering content and context to help businesses and individuals thrive...

Reverend Shon T. Adkins, Minister

Reverend Shon T. Adkins was called to be a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ on July 14, 1996. She was licensed to preach at the Antioch Baptist Church in Harlem under her father and Pastor..

Yvonne L. Williams, M. Ed, Spiritual Life Coach

Yvonne L. Williams, M. Ed., is a described as: “a miracle,” “a conduit of hope,” “a woman of faith,” and “a commander of transformation,” while addressing thousands nationally and internationally. Twenty Seven eight ago Ms. William’s...

Rose Michel, Chef, Success Coach

Rose Michel is an exceptional Chef, Success Coach, Adult Education Instructor Entrepreneur and Mother, with over 5 years of experience in professional cooking and catering. Although graduating with a degree in Surgical Technology in 2010...

Cynthia Vail, Advancement Trainer

Cynthia Evett Vail Lowe is an author, life-coach and much requested transformational speaker. She has authored a workbook and instruction manual titled THE FINAL ACT OF KINDNESS...

Judi Rodgers, Lifestyle Changer

Judi Rodgers has always had a passion for fitness! She shows the importance of being healthy and fit by being a living example of what she teaches! Her goal is to teach others how to live a well-balanced life that includes having...

Kyle and Sunne-Ryse Smith, Motivating & Empowering, "The Passion Experts"

For the last decade, Kyle and Dr. Sunne-Ryse Smith have motivated and empowered people to transform their personal and and professional relationships into powerful and fulfilling experiences...

Annisa Codner, Financial Literacy Expert

Annisa Morgan is 38 years old and is a wife and mother of three boys. Annisa is currently employed as an Accountant and a motivational speaker focused on financial literacy. She holds two....