2016 Conference Speakers
Susie Carder
Motivational Speaker
Susie Carder

When failure is not an option, creative solutions just manifest themselves. This is what Susie has come to understand through a life filled with challenges, obstacles and setbacks. All of which led her to knowing and believing that the opportunities eclipse everything.

Susie Carder is a self-made millionaire who has developed a remarkable system for creating wealth. Growing up with 12 siblings, in a 3-bedroom house, in a low income neighborhood, with hard work and determination she has catapulted into a best-selling author, international speaker and president of one of the largest training companies in the industry today.

That’s when she discovered her talent, which was to help others do what seemed to come naturally to her. She founded and sold three successful companies, the last one, a training company that was so successful that she was approached by Cengage (previously Reuters and Thompson Learning) and sold it for eight figures.  And that was the beginning of her serial entrepreneurial rise.  Business after business succeeded. But she didn’t discover her true talent and purpose until a car accident took her out of her business and she saw that the systems she had created enabled her staff to carry on without her and the business thrived and expanded by tenfold. A new enterprise was born. She decided to focus her efforts on helping others do what she did and even better than she did it.

Now, with a successful 20-year track record, she is helping companies, big and small, develop and implement strategic business plans resulting in extra-ordinary growth. Her business structures have seen her clients overcome business turbulence and uncertainty and grow to greater heights, creating multi-million dollar businesses.

In her popular program, the Predictable Success Method™, Susie has helped hundreds of companies develop personalized operations systems in finance, sales, and marketing that ensures account-abilities that can propels them to sustainable success. Her structure builds teams that are fundamental to guiding a company through turbulence and uncertainty to dramatic growth.